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Acceptance of dating violence

Acceptance of dating violence

Author: Laura Lara

Violence in relationships isa public health problem with high prevalence rates that needs to be addressed effectively, especially in the first relationships occurring in adolescence, when learning and the establishment of patterns of behaviour that will later influence subsequent relationship dynamics occurs. One of the risk factors highlighted are the attitudes that young people maintaining the face of this violence. Lara and Gómez-Urrutia develop and validate a questionnaire to measure these attitudes, providing a tool that considers both the acceptance of suffering violence and enacting it. The results showed how the attitudes of acceptance of violence were related to the violence that takes place in relationships. In this way, these attitudes are an important factor to consider regarding violence prevention.


Lara, L., & Gómez-Urrutia, V. (2021). Development and validation of the acceptance of dating violence questionnaire. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships.

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