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Protective factors of mental health in Mexican population

Protective factors of mental health in Mexican population

Perla del Carpio

The results of this research constitute an approximation to the way in which the adult population from different regions of Mexico experienced the pandemic caused by COVID-19 in mid-2020. Also how fear, generalized anxiety, and depression as well as social support and life purpose were reflected and associated. The study indicates that although there are elements that affected the mental health of the population, there were also protection factors that made it possible to face the health contingency, beyond the predisposing factors of fear and the number of hours of exposure to internal personal thoughts and external news about COVID-19. The social relationships and the presence of a life purpose reported by the participants contributed to a better adaptation to the pandemic context. This adds to the pre-existing evidence indicating that perceived social support influences people’s well-being and quality of life.

Reference: Del Carpio, P., Robles, E., Quintero, Y., Gallegos, M., Martino, P., Calandra, M., Caycho-Rodríguez, T., Cervigni, M. y Razumovskiy, A. (2022). Salud mental en población mexicana por COVID-19. Boletín de Malariología y Salud Ambiental, 62 (4), 686-695.

doi: 10.30849/psinteram111 | Descarga la versión PDF del artículo

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