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Emotional health for migrant women

Emotional health for migrant women

Autora: Graciela Polanco-Hernández

portada libro mujeres migrantes

The book “Salud emocional para mujeres migrantes” (Emotional health for migrant women), is the product of networking for more than 15 years of teaching, research and community intervention in connection with transnational institutions and universities that has allowed the development of pedagogical models and community psychosocial intervention on the migration phenomenon, as well as, emotional health of migrant families.

This model generates psychosocial and empowerment tools for women by approaching the topics of: the emotional costs of migration, emotional management, acculturation, migration mourning, self-esteem, empowerment, assertiveness, family communication, conflict resolution within the migrant family, detention, deportation, gender violence and the face of migration.

In addition, the methodology is replicable and easily adaptable to other groups and conditions.

This pedagogical resource is also an important contribution to the training of community promoters for intervention with vulnerable populations.

Polanco, G; Lundy, M; Vidal, M; Rositas-Sheftel, C. (2021). Salud emocional para mujeres migrantes. México: Editorial Universidad Iberoamericana. ISBN: 978-607-417-760-2.

doi: 10.30849/psinteram110 | Download PDF version.

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