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Psychometric indicators of the Pro-environmental Attitudes Questionnaire: Colombian Version

Psychometric indicators of the Pro-environmental Attitudes Questionnaire: Colombian Version

By Willian Sierra-Barón 

On July 12, 2022, the Frontiers in Psychology Journal in the Environmental Psychology section, of the special issue Environmental attitudes in context: conceptualizations, measurements, and factors related to environmental attitudes, published the article Psychometric indicators of the Pro-environmental Attitudes questionnaire: Colombian version. This is a product of the Doctoral Thesis Measurement and evaluation of internal and external factors associated with pro-environmental behavior at work, developed in the Doctoral Program in Psychology of the Catholic University of Colombia, under the direction of Dra. Alba Lucia Meneses Báez.

Among the main conclusions of this study, it stands out that the Colombian version of the pro-environmental attitudes questionnaire shows indicators of reliability, validity and invariance, which show that the scores obtained with this instrument allow adequate inferences to be made about the pro-environmental attitudes of Huila workers ( Colombia), which suggests its functionality in cultural contexts similar to those of this region of the country. This version of the instrument has sufficient psychometric quality to be used in new research and organizational processes that seek to evaluate this construct in the working population, with a view to developing baselines that allow the development of intervention processes to improve environmental sustainability in organizations, taking into account account individual behaviors and their determinants, as is the case of pro-environmental attitudes. At the same time, the instrument is expected to contribute to the evaluation process of intervention programs implemented in organizations, such as those that are oriented towards saving energy, recycling and reducing or not using polluting products 


Sierra-Barón, W., & Meneses Báez, A. L. 2022). Psychometric Indicators of the Pro-environmental Attitudes Questionnaire: Colombian Version. Frontiers in psychology, 13, 886769.

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